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About Counselling and Psychotherapy

Both counselling and psychotherapy can help with many issues, but some of the most common difficulties that people bring are depression, anxiety, low self worth, destructive relationship patterns, gender issues, problems with sexuality, phobias, addictions and eating disorders. Counselling and psychotherapy provide a safe, personal space to explore irrational or self defeating patterns at the root of ongoing unhappiness. They require a willingness to invest in the time needed for in depth understanding and a commitment to change through the process of the therapeutic relationship. If you are curious about yourself and why you behave in ways that might be self defeating, then, I believe, counselling and psychotherapy can really benefit you. 

If you are dealing with a recent issue which is causing you distress such as a relationship break up, bereavement or job loss, sessions would usually be once weekly at the same time each week, lasting for 50 minutes. However, many people have more deep rooted issues which may have stemmed from childhood and will benefit from a much deeper exploration, and in these cases, people may come up to four times per week. This will allow for greater depth of understanding and insight into the issues being faced, allowing for more thought about how experiences and relationships from the past might be affecting current situations. Aspects of the self that may have previously been out of awareness can be revealed, bringing insight, a sense of relief and a much better understanding of how and why you function in the way that you do. You are then in a stronger position to make better choices for yourself.

Whether you wish to come for counselling or more intensive psychotherapy, we would initially meet for a 50 minute consultation. This will allow you the space to talk about what is troubling you, and to get a feel for the way I work and it will allow me to assess whether this modality of therapy will work for you. It is usual to have a further consultation before deciding if we can work together. If you decided you wanted to go ahead with therapy, I would suggest how many sessions per week I think would be beneficial for you. We would discuss what time/s you could attend on a regular basis each week and sessions would be at the same time each week. However, you would need to attend at least once a week; I do not see people at a lower frequency ie every two weeks. You are under no obligation to remain in therapy for a set time period. All sessions are 50 minutes in length including the initial consultations.

If I do not feel I can offer you the help that you need I will try to signpost you to an alternative service/therapist.


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